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Our Mission

Our mission is to protect the image of Christ and his mission to the world.

Our Mission Statement

To disseminate the good news of the gospel of the Lord amongst all people.

Our Strategy

To bring all churches and people of God together as a unified body of Christ and to reach the unreached.

Welcome to Our Housewarming! Well, don’t start seeking the buffet table for those sumptuous indulgencies – at least not just yet. But you have got our word the treats will go round. For those who have been with us from the newsprint days, it’s a great leap forward to lush and glossy surroundings.

If you are reading TCH for the first time, we can say that you have safely missed anything- except of course, the rather large real estate of news print. However, whether new or old, we want you to sit back and savour the ride.

Here at TCH our dream is not to inform, but to make information relevant to your needs. A holistic approach to Christian life remains our enduring aim. We live in a world of varied proportions; a world that gets more complicated by the minute. Yet as Christians we can live fuller by empowering the very simplicity of God’s word to every sector of our lives. That’s what we are here to do- not for you, but with you. So let’s do this together.

Imoh Ussenudoh

Consulting Editor 




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